Data Management and Client Data Center (CDC)

BMT is an industry leader in the management, analysis and reporting of full-scale real time metocean and floating offshore platform structural response data acquired by custom-engineered monitoring systems.

BMT provides reliable, secure and quick turnover of information to major oil and gas clients that depend on the measured data from our monitoring systems.

The Client Data Center (CDC) resides on and is supported by a specialized Internet provider carefully selected by BMT. All raw and post-processed data is uploaded and downloaded to and from the CDC by authorized users, without breaching security issues with the client's internal network. Authorized users have individual secure access via their internet web browser.

CDC Graphic

CDC services come in three phases, tailored for a client's specific needs:

  • CDC Data - data transfer and archiving, processing and records repository.
  • CDC Visual - additional statistics trends and cross-correlation of data.
  • CDC Beyond - customized reporting per client request.