Operation Support: Analysis and Reporting

Regular and periodic system health reporting addresses instrumentation health quality issues based on periodic examination of the data.

Reports provide short and long term trend statistics for environmental and global motion data, including Vortex Induced Motions (VIM). These reports also provide feedback to BMT’s Service and Upgrades Group for the most efficient and effective instrumentation and system maintenance.

Basic Analyses and Reporting

Basic Analyses and Reporting includes examining data to identify operational issues with the monitoring system or with the communication system (data transfer). This is an abbreviated 2-page system health status report and serves as a basis for planning for system maintenance.

Extended Analyses and Reporting

Extended Analyses and Reporting includes data filtering, basic cleaning from obvious outliers, and trending. Long-term statistic trends on a monthly or bi-monthly basis add value to the monitoring system by detecting salient trends relevant to the system integrity that cannot be observed in real time. The trends may also include fatigue damage assessment for mooring lines and risers based on the industry standard rain-flow counting method.