Special Analyses

BMT provides special studies to address specific issues for platforms and structures.

Special analyses are essential in cases of storm events, forensic studies, and other circumstances that can affect platform performance and integrity.

Fatigue Assessment

Fatigue is a result of repeated loading and unloading at stress levels far below the ultimate tensile stress limit. It is an irreversible process that causes localized structural damage. Fatigue can be monitored by analyzing measured structural loads. Fatigue assessment includes forecasting fatigue life of mooring lines and risers.

Forensic Analyses

Forensic analyses are based on controlled and documented measured data. The benefits include identification of the cause of the incident and the ability to correlate the measured values with the design data. The findings can be used to modify the opreational practice or to suggest design changes.

Post-Hurricane Analyses

Post-hurricane analyses address the severity of the enviroment and the platform responses, including structural data, during a major storm event. Results can be directly compared with the designed operational limits or used as inputs for numerical modeling and damage assessment.

Photo courtesy of Shell.